The Union Hill Fire Department Is located on the North-East side of Rochester NY, it is comprised of a determined group of individuals from many different walks of life. We have a combination of both paid staff and volunteers to better serve our community. Fire department meetings are held on the first tuesday of each month at station 1. Training is conducted on tuesdays. All equipment and training is provided, free of charge, to members. Our small but proud department currently has 2 ambulances and 5 fire trucks.

You do not have to be a Firefighter or EMT(Emergency Medical Technician) to be a part of the Union Hill Fire Department. You can join just to help out with fundraisers and other tasks. If you wish to become a member please fill out an Application and drop it off at Station 1

We provide free smoke and CO detectors to any resident of our district in need, as well as offering free home fire safety inspections and "stop at your door" fire truck tours. Contact Chief Read for more information.